Using the Matching Assistant

The Matching Assistant will help you choose which campuses best meet your specifications. There are a number of different parameters you can choose from. Once you have selected the options that best meet your requirements you may view a list of all the campuses that match your requirements. Because graduate students and undergraduate students have different requirements, there are two different Matching Assistants.

Definition of Terms

Geography: The geographic region where the campus is located within the state of California.

Setting: The type of area where the campus is located such as large city or town.

Total enrollment: The total number of students (graduate and undergraduate) enrolled at the campus.

Housing available: Indicates whether or not college-owned or -operated housing is available to undergraudates.

Major: The availability of a particular program or major at the campus. Visit the ASSIST website to search CSU and UC campuses by majors offered.

Sports: If you are interested in a particular sport and division, you can select campuses that offer that sport.

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