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Transfer Applicant Overview and Definitions

All CSU campuses welcome applications from transfer students. You are considered a transfer student by the CSU if you complete any college level units after your graduation from high school (excluding the summer session immediately following your high school graduation). The number of college level units you have completed at the time you enter a CSU determines the admission standards that will apply to your application. It is important to identify which admission requirements apply to you.

You are considered an upper-division transfer applicant if you have completed at least 60 semester or 90 quarter transferable units or awarded a California Community College Associate in Arts for Transfer or Associate in Science for Transfer degree (AA-T or AS-T Degree) before applying transfer to the CSU.

You are considered a lower-division transfer applicant if you have completed 59 or fewer semester or 89 or fewer quarter units before applying as a transfer student to the CSU.

The majority of transfer students enter as upper-division transfers. Most CSU campuses do not accept lower-division transfers, so be sure to check with the campus you intend to apply to if you are considering transferring as a lower-division student.

Admission offices at the 23 campuses use a common set of factors to make admission decisions for both classes of transfer students. All campuses have higher standards for out-of-state students and international students. Some campuses have higher standards for particular majors. Finally, a few campuses have higher standards for all applicants.

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