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Freshman Admission Requirements Overview

Freshman Admission Requirements for California Residents

It is easy to understand the CSU admission requirements for California residents. Admission offices at the 23 campuses use three factors to determine eligibility.

Most applicants who are admitted meet the standards in each of the following areas:

Many CSU campuses have higher standards for particular majors or for students who live outside the local admission area. Because of the number of students who apply, several campuses have higher standards (supplementary admission criteria) for all applicants. Many CSU campuses utilize local admission guarantee policies for students who graduate or transfer from high schools and community colleges that are historically served by a CSU campus in that region. You may review the CSU Local Admission Areas for each campus here.

Freshman Admission Requirements for Students who are Not Residents of California

The three factors used to determine the admissibility of nonresident students are the same as those for California residents.

The primary difference is that the eligibility index (a combination of grades and test scores) is somewhat higher. Nonresident students need to complete the same pattern of courses, but need a higher GPA and test score combination. See the Eligibility Index for Nonresidents for more details.

Please note that California residents receive priority whenever admission space is limited.

Freshman Admission Requirements for Students from Other Countries (International Students)

Admission requirements for international students are somewhat different than for U.S. students. Please see our special section for international students.

Please note that California residents receive priority whenever admission space is limited.

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