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What do students say about their experience at CSU?

CSU Bakersfield

Answer not available.

CSU Channel Islands

"I consider CI to be my home away from home. The campus size makes it easy for me to connect with other students, make appointments to see faculty, and attend student events." — Sean K

"I realized that at CI I wouldn't be just another number, but I would be known for who I am." — Veronica C.

"At the end of the day, I'd much rather be able to go to the beach after office hours with my professor than go to the stadium after being in a lecture hall of 200 students. After I chose to attend CI, I realized that the "sea" I was looking for was really the sea breeze I get on campus every day at CI!" — Shania T.

"CI's small community and the professors' open-door policies provided me with endless opportunities to speak with professors one on one. These interactions required me to be well-prepared and be able to coherently express my ideas and questions." — Josh Dennis '09

"My education at CI was world class. From the professors in both my degree programs, to the extra-curricular activities I was involved with, the experiences that I had while at CI made me who I am today. I don't think I could have asked for a more robust, holistic education that not only prepared me academically, but culturally and socially as well." — Brandon Dowling '11

CSU Chico

"My plan was to go to Chico for a year and then transfer to USC, but I found myself so comfortable and happy, I stayed the whole four years to finish my degree."

"There isn't a day that goes by without people smiling and saying hello."

"In one of my computer classes, we helped to create a statewide network. That gave me hands-on experience, which is considered very valuable in the industry."

"I really got involved! First, I was a resident advisor in a residence hall. Then I got involved with Pan African Union, Associated Students government, the Gospel Choir, and the forensics team."

"As a parent of two CSU Chico students, I've been impressed with the support they have received from staff and faculty."

"Coming to Chico was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It's hard to find a school where you can be academically challenged and yet feel personally involved, and Chico is it!"

Cal Maritime

"Cal Maritime offers you many options and a diversity of career choices."
Peter (PJ) Jacquelin — Class of 2001

"The best part of the Business program is that professors know you and are willing to help you, and it is easy to get the classes you need."
Jennifer Kou — Class of 2003

"Being a part of the Corps has motivated me to become an enthusiastic leader and dedicated student."
Ryan McKenney — Class of 2004

"Being involved in sports and clubs at CMA has given me a great opportunity to meet new and interesting people."
Nicole Davidson — Class of 2004

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

"Today, more people are entering the work force with a college degree. It is not enough to have a piece of paper that says 'college graduate.' Business and industry know that students from Cal Poly have the desire, determination and training to do quality work that gets results. My degree from Cal Poly set me apart from other graduates."
Louie Brown — Agricultural Business

Cal Poly has helped me to discover ways that I could grow academically and personally. It has kept its promise and more, offering me a great education while also offering me activities that have led to my personal growth."
Nicole Kincaid — Social Science

Although I consider my student years at Cal Poly as some of the most arduous and demanding years of my life, I wouldn't trade them for the world. Cal Poly taught me to respect all aspects of architecture and instilled in me the discipline that was necessary to succeed in this profession."
Ernesto Vasquez — Architecture

In addition to their strong emphasis on 'learn by doing,' I found that many of the faculty were always approachable ad very willing to help in any way they could. The assistance and kindness of these dedicated and approachable individuals proved to be a very positive part of my education and development and I feel it has been instrumental in my success."
Reed Oliver — Business

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo fosters a cooperative environment. It is such a family atmosphere. The Graphics department has access to the best resources, experts, and lectures in our field."
Scott Sablin — Graphic Communications

"We always worked as a team and it was important that we contribute individually."
Justin Grange — Electrical Engineering

"There were so many classes that provided Cal Poly 'Learn by Doing.' It was a Metals Processing class that taught me what the working world was going to be like."
Wes Guenther — Industrial Technology

CSU Dominguez Hills

"I now work for the LA County as an IT Auditor. I think I found the perfect job, something related with accounting and information systems. I am very exited about the future and super grateful for all my teachers at CSUDH."
— Patricia Velasco

"I've recently graduated from California State University, Dominguez Hills with a business degree. While in school, I took a small business class with (It's a Grind) CFO, Ernest Klinger. I.. learned a lot about franchising (from that class) and (am) using that knowledge in my new job at Robeks."
—Greg Diamond

"I am a recent business graduate, having transferred from a junior college and before that, I was enrolled in a different college. I would like to say that the business advisors are the very best I have encountered. ..I wish to express how delighted I was to attend Cal State Dominguez Hills, and having counselors who truly care about the students says a lot about how much the school cares about its students."
— Manny Waters

"I am a recent undergraduate here at CSUDH. I wish to express how grateful and honored I am to have chosen your institute for the purposes of my higher learning. This has been a rewarding experience and I am encouraging others to follow the trends of success here at Cal State University, Dominguez Hills. The entire staff and faculty has greatly impacted my life and I thank you all for the support."
— Lynetta S. Luckett

"I really liked the small class sizes. This allows professors to know their students by name. I always felt like the professors were willing to help me whenever necessary. I've also been lucky to have met people in Dominguez Hills who have encouraged me in my studies. My mentor, Dr. Vasquez, has been a vital source of guidance and support. She always encouraged me to attend graduate school and made sure I received the training necessary to start a graduate program. Dr. Vasquez has not only been a source of support, she is a role model who inspires many students to strive."
— Janette Diaz B.A. Chicana/o studies '07

"I am positively inspired by each professor and class that I have taken throughout the MSQA (Master of Science in Quality Assurance) program. My motivation also comes from the subjects that I have taken and learning how I can adapt textbook concepts into real-life application."
— David Vu (Class of '07, M.S., quality assurance)

"Coming directly from high school into college at Dominguez Hills, I didn't know what to expect. Now looking back, I couldn't have asked for anything more. If not for the meaningful connections I have developed with virtually all of my professors, I might not have survived the struggle through college, and I would never have thought about graduate school..CSU Dominguez Hills has always, during my time here, strived to provide more opportunities to students then most colleges I have heard about. If it weren't for a few key professors, especially Dr. Larry Rosen in psychology, who showed they cared about my education, I wouldn't have decided to attend graduate school."
— Cheyenne Cummings (Class of '07, B.S., earth science/psychology)

"About five years ago, I made one of the best decisions that I could have ever made and applied to California State University, Dominguez Hills. Being a student here has been a great experience for me, with the opportunity to learn from professors who are leaders in their fields as well as young professors who are on the verge of becoming leaders in their fields. I have also had the opportunity to work alongside future leaders, my fellow students, as a scholar in the MBRS RISE (Minority Biomedical Research Support/Research Initiative for Science Enhancement) program."
— Marvin Malone (Class of '07. B.S., chemistry)

"Being at CSUDH afforded me many opportunities I don't feel I would have had at other schools. I have received numerous scholarships and awards and also been heavily involved in many national student organizations, working to get them up and running on campus."
— Montreece Payton (Class of '06, B.A., English)

"CSUDH offers a personal and nurturing setting which gives every student a chance to excel. I found most professors are approachable and they also accommodate students with disabilities. I am one of those students. There are many schools that teach, but not as many that care. CSUDH faculty and staff care."
—Candace Johnson (M.S. Biology)

CSU East Bay

"On of the greatest strengths of our school is its ties to local businesses and companies. Another strength is instructors who are very knowledgeable, helpful, and reachable."

"I love this school because the class sizes are smaller than other state schools. Students tend not to get lost in the shuffle."

"I personally love the view. It is a great motivation to being on campus."

"Fun? You�ve got to be kidding! This is the San Francisco Bay Area. We have it all: clubs, restaurants, museums, parks, natural resources, the ocean, skiing, and the real topper, the weather!".

"... the perfect place to appreciate a 360-degree panoramic view of the Bay and reflect on what I'm learning and where I want to go with it."

CSU Fresno

"Fresno State gives you the opportunity to learn one-on-one with your instructor. I have been treated as an individual, not a number. The opportunities are endless at Fresno State with great facilities on campus. You receive great hands-on learning experience with numerous clubs and social organizations."
Derek Schneider — Agriculture/Dairy Science major

"Fresno State is what I would call a best-kept secret. I have come in contact with the most outstanding students, professors, and programs that are the caliber of an Ivy League college. The physical campus is open and not cluttered and the population is small enough to experience a little bit of the university your entire graduate career."
Kendra Noel Walker — History major

"At Fresno State, my learning experience has been challenged both academically and personally. I've learned to identify myself through interacting with different ethnic groups on campus. A variety of organizations gave me that opportunity. The diversity of Fresno State, including its faculty, makes it a unique institution. "
Mayia Thao — Criminology major

CSU Fullerton

"All of the opportunities I've had are because of Cal State Fullerton. My internship in Washington D.C. helped me to see what I want to do. I realized that I can do a lot politically, and I want to go to graduate school and eventually get a doctorate." � Linda Vasquez, Political Science

"I had a great experience with Freshman Programs. I had classes with other first-time freshman, so right away I saw familiar faces, and I was able to start networking and building friendships." � Tony Law, English

"When I go to work in the health care field, I'll have a better understanding of people's behaviors because of the field research I've done. I actually worked for a physician at his clinic, and helped him with his study on childhood obesity." � Lina Huynh, Health Science

"The faculty here is awesome. Everybody is really well qualified, and across the board I've noticed that they love what they do. The classes in the Honors Program are some of the best I've taken. The classes are small, the students are really bright, and I like the way my professors teach the Honors classes." � Kevin Johnston, Radio-TV-Film, Theatre Arts

"One of the reasons I chose Cal State Fullerton was because I knew the business program was so good. The professors here are great. They really try to help you get to where you want to be." � Grant Nakata, Business Administration (Finance and Marketing)

Distinctive experiences provided by Cal State Fullerton enable our graduates to effectively compete in the professional employment market. According to the Career Center Survey for 2006 graduates, 72% report full-time employment a year after graduation. The average salary of Bachelor�s degree holders is $48,745 and that of Master�s degree holders is $64,191. Twenty-nine percent of bachelor�s alumni are enrolled in graduate school.

Humboldt State University

How do students feel about Humboldt? According to a recent Student Needs and Priorities Survey (SNAPS), Humboldt State University students are more satisfied with their university than their counterparts at any other California State University campus. Humboldt students rated the university "considerably higher" for instructional quality, accessibility of faculty, and course content.

Humboldt students spend much of their free time exploring nearby ocean beaches, bays, lagoons, marshes, and forests.

CSU Los Angeles

"The wonderful teachers at Cal State L.A. have expanded my horizons, and their passion about what they teach has given me a different perspective on the subjects and on life. Our diverse student body allows us to have friends of all nationalities, and we share our cultures and gain a greater understanding of the world." � Monica Chew, �04, President�s Scholar

"Being here [at Cal State L.A.] is like a training program for the real world. In this diverse environment we�re able to share different opinions and points of views with our classmates, which allow you to think on a deeper lever about life and the world." � Al Gomez, biology major

"Cal State L.A. has empowered me as a community leader both within and beyond this amazing University. By way of its professors and mentors, I have been inspired with the desire to give back to those less fortunate and make a difference in the lives of those seeking guidance." � Ruth Montes, graduate student

"My research experience at Cal State L.A. has benefited me in my academics and in preparation for doctoral study. It has provided me with tools that improved my academic performance in science courses as well as prepared me on multiple levels for entry into and success in a Ph.D. program in biomedical sciences." � Heriberto "Eddie" Lima, graduate student

CSU Long Beach

Academic Excellence In The Classroom

"President Maxson was one of my professors.. It was the most transforming and life-changing experience that I have ever had, in terms of the classroom."
Alan Avakian, CSULB President's Scholar, Business Major, Bullard High School, Fresno

Personal Attention

"Even though we are a University of over 30,000 students, I feel like I am part of this some way, shape, or form, through some connection.. I can talk to anybody.. It's a small town atmosphere on a big campus."
Andria Borba, CSULB President's Scholar, English Major, Gustine High School, Gustine ABC Intern

Competitive Career Preparation

"My faculty mentor has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to actually do research in the field that I plan to go into for graduate school."
Karla Hampton, Selected as one of 200 USA Today Academic All Stars, Community Health Ed Major, De Anza High School, Richmond, First Year Boalt Law School Student

Graduating Scholars

"Unquestionably, CSULB was the right decision for me because of the faculty and because of the support of the staff."
Kathryn Gainey, Scored in the top 2% nationwide on LSAT, Economics/Philosophy Major, Paraclete High School, Palmdale, Second Year Harvard Law School Student

CSU Monterey Bay

The website offers quotes from, pictures of, and stories about several current CSUMB students and alumni. Here are just a few of the alumni quotes with the names linked to the full stories:

"I feel that, when compared to my colleagues, I am ahead of the game in several aspects," he said. His classes at CSUMB, especially molecular cell biology and biochemistry, prepared him for the challenges of graduate school.

"Often I see glazed eyes and confusion during instruction, but I feel my education at CSUMB has equipped me for the challenge. In particular, instruction and counseling from Dr. Aparna Sreenivasan and Dr. Henrik Kibak have been integral to my success."

David Bennion ('12, BIO)

"The university did an excellent job of preparing me for graduate school, my career, and in applying for the Fulbright," she said. "At CSUMB, I increased my capacity to think critically and increased my understanding of different cultures. I studied Spanish and had the opportunity to live in Mexico and China while I was an undergraduate."

Elizabeth Romanoff (�08, SPAN)

"Because of the variety of experiences I had at CSUMB, I am confident to try new things and get involved with politics, organizations, groups, classes, workshops, and people."

Kate Murphy ('04, CHHS)

"I was amazed at how many people entering a master�s program for editing knew so little about the technology. I owe my knowledge of it to the Teledramatic Arts and Technology program. There are many more applicable lessons learned at TAT that apply to everyday work in the film industry."

David Kashevaroff ('01, TAT)

"I met with Dr. Mendoza and was impressed that he was willing to spend time with me, explaining his work [excavating] at the [San Juan Bautista] mission."

Renee Cannon (�00, SBS)

CSU Northridge

"What I value most about my education at Cal State Northridge is that it taught me to be a news reporter. There were plenty of schools where I could have studied theories of journalism and mass communications. At Northridge I did that, but I also got lots of hands-on experience gathering and writing news. That training laid the foundation for everything I have been able to accomplish in journalism."
Frank del Olmo, Journalist, Los Angeles Times deputy editorial page editor. Winner of Pulitzer Prize Gold Medal and Emmy Award for Distinguished Achievement in Writing.

"I still have vivid memories of my years at Cal State Northridge. We had to work arduously. Engineering reports, term papers, and lab findings had to be especially meticulous, orderly, accurate, and detailed. I must admit those circumstances were not very pleasant at the time. However, I found later in my professional career that this hard work was very much worthwhile. I am proud to be a Cal State Northridge alumnus, and I advertise it wherever and whenever I can."
Nick Patsaouras, Engineer and banker. Past President of the Southern California Rapid Transit District. Guided the planning of Los Angeles Metro Rail.

"There isn't a day that goes by that I do not utilize the skills and knowledge I gained as a political science major at Cal State Northridge. The university enabled me to fulfill my dream to serve and improve my community. I will always be grateful."
Richard Alarcon, Legislator, Member, Los Angeles City Council.

"I look back fondly on my years at Northridge. I remember learning about the history of costumes, set construction, Moliere, Shaw, and Antigone. And what did I start out with? Bad jokes on 'The Sonny & Cher Show.' Oh, fine. I also somehow found it a positive experience to be turned down for every play I auditioned for. This allowed me to have a fierce determination — very important in this life."
Teri Garr, Actress, Academy Award Nominee (Best Supporting Actress) for 'Tootsie.' Star of major motion pictures (Close Encounters of the Third Kind) and television series.

"I came to Northridge because of its services for the deaf – interpreters, tutors, counselors, and note-takers. I also wanted a university that has both hearing and deaf students so that I could be part of both the deaf and hearing communities. It is nice knowing that I truly fit in."
Jennifer Brinkley, who is deaf, belongs to the Matador cheerleading squad, is active in other campus-wide activities, maintains a 3.0 grade point average, and has taught sign language to some of her sorority sisters.

Mike Cooperman, a liberal studies major commuted from home for his first year and a half but says, "The great campus activities helped me get involved and keep close to the university." Now he lives near campus. "Even though we have thousands of students here, I feel like everywhere I go there is always a friendly face to say hello to."

Carlos Camargo, business major, is vice president of the student Latino Business Association. "The Association helps us make the transition from school to the workplace. We go out to area companies – movie studios, accounting firms, manufacturers – and we meet the CEOs who run them. Later we invite the businessmen we've met to our year-end banquet and present them with copies of our resumes."

Anne Burnett spent 15 years as a journalist before returning to college to finish up. "I was concerned about getting the right courses to complete my degree. My advisor sat down with me right away and helped me develop a plan. We went through all the courses and figured out which ones would benefit me. It was excellent advice."

Andre Carter, majoring in finance, has spent his entire college career at Northridge. "I work with student organizations to bring to campus important people you read about in textbooks. I've directed advertising, worked with talent agents, and done budgets for these events. We brought Maya Angelou here. Three thousand people came to hear her speak. That was a great experience."

Liza del Mundo balances a busy schedule of courses, extracurricular activities, and television appearances on KCAL Channel 9, where she co-hosts "Toon Town Kids," a children's cartoon series. "I joined Emerging Leaders, a program that's open to any freshman. As a result, I'm now an orientation leader, taking new or prospective students around. This is a great way to meet fellow students."

Cal Poly Pomona

"Cal Poly Pomona is affordable."

"Classes are small and professors take a personal interest."

"Learn by doing."

"This is a diverse campus."

CSU Sacramento

Surveys and focus groups of CSUS students indicate a high level of satisfaction with the quality of academic programs and CSUS reputation as an institution that enable graduates to get excellent jobs.

CSU San Bernardino

"I chose Cal State because of its location, its natural scenery away from the busy city, the small class sizes, its friendly atmosphere, and the ability to speak to my professors on a personal level."

"The best aspects about Cal State are easy to appreciate. The faculty members are always willing to help, and the availability of support services like the Computer Center and the Writing Lab help make my time here easier."

San Diego State University

"My professors became my mentors. I am still amazed at how accessible all of my professors were and the interest they had in my education."

"In addition to the great education I got, I was also able to get practical experience through the Engineering Internship program."

"Within my major, which was Psychology, I came in contact with excellent faculty members who are very knowledgeable and intriguing. As an African American student, I found that SDSU has an excellent support system for minority students."

San Francisco State University

Chris Viola, BA, Journalism, 2001:
"I came to State because I knew I'd get real mentoring from professional journalists."

Gilman Louie, BS, Business Administration, 1983;
Chief executive of the CIA-funded nonprofit company In-Q-It:
"I always remember that I could not have started my company without the great help and guidance from my professors at State."

Robert Pasker, BA, History, 1993:
"The history program was terrifically challenging to me. The breadth and depth of its courses were tremendous. I felt that all the professors were excellent teachers and that the department had an excellent grasp of what it took to train historians."

Annette Bening, BA, Theatre Arts, 1980;
"I knew I loved acting, but at San Francisco State, I got the chance to develop that love. I am so grateful for the safe, challenging environment I had in which to educate myself, develop my aspirations, and, most importantly, a place where I could practice and learn how to trust and value my own individual creative instincts."

Lupe Arabolos, teaching credential, 1978, MA, Educational Administration, 1985:
"I'll never forget the strong support system at San Francisco State. It was like joining a family, a family of educators. You could call on faculty or your fellow students if you needed help . . . And I'll always remember San Francisco State as a place that reached out and gave everyone a chance to reach his or her potential."

Ernest Gaines, BA, English, 1957;
Author of critically acclaimed short stories and novels including "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman" and "A Lesson Before Dying":
"My proudest moment at San Francisco State was the day the university's literary magazine published my story, 'The Turtles' . . . I have published other stories and novels since then, but nothing can equal the feeling I had seeing my name in print for the first time."

Willie L. Brown, Jr., BA, Liberal Studies, 1955;
Mayor of San Francisco, former Speaker of California Assembly:
"At the state Capitol in Sacramento and City Hall in San Francisco, I've been surrounded by people with Ivy League pedigrees and big-name diplomas. But I've always felt more than capable of holding my own, thanks to the excellent preparation I received at San Francisco State. The university is truly a shining jewel in the state's crown. It was, is, and will continue to be a wonderful training ground for generations of leaders to come."

Sheldon Mullins, MSBA, Business Analysis, 1999;
Manager, Regulatory Affairs Department, Avigen, a Bay Area Gene Therapy Company:
"I picked SFSU because of the convenient location and the diverse set of course offerings. The evening program allowed me to continue my career while pursuing a graduate degree — and it's a terrific value."

Armaan Moattari, MBA, Organizational Development 1998;
Human Resources Analyst, Andersen Consulting:
"Attending the SFSU M.BA program was one of the best life decisions I have ever made. The quality of the program, the support of the professors and staff, and the course studies related to Bay Area companies gave me the tools to prepare for and succeed in today's competitive business environment."

Alonzo Williams, BS, 1994;
MATE (Muir Alternative Teacher Education) teaching credential, 1995;
Kindergarten teacher at John Muir Elementary School:
"Being a teacher is so much more than having a credential, a piece of paper to hang on the wall. There's a with-it-ness, an almost sixth sense teachers need to have. That's what I took away from my training at State. Now I'm passing on what I learned to future teachers enrolled in the MATE program."

Current students say:

"At some schools you either fit in or you don't, but there is a place for everyone at State . . ."
Marialena Barbosa, Senior, Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts

"I got into Berkeley, but I chose San Francisco State because of the community here, the student body, and the access to professors . . ."
Monica Harrison, Senior, Electrical Engineering

"With the new integrated teacher program you can get classroom experience from day one . . ."
Becky Lo, Sophomore, Liberal Studies Integrated Teacher Education program

"This is one of the most diverse campuses in the United States . . ."
Bernardo Lebron, Senior, Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts

"The professors at SFSU encourage you . . . they let you experiment . . . they push you to take chances . . ."
Christian Maychak, Second-year graduate student, Fine Arts

"I'd been out of school a while and when I came here I felt comfortable . . . It's a great place to ease back into things."
Jeff Carlin, Junior, Physics

"I've really been able to spread my wings here . . ."
Katie Lawrence, Sophomore, Liberal Studies Integrated Teacher Education program

"The professors here are very down-to-earth. You walk down any hallway in the department and doors are open. I have never been turned away . . ."
Keith Carames, Graduate student, Single Subject Teaching Credential in English

"It's not the impersonal or overly competitive atmosphere that I encountered at other universities. The teachers make you feel that they're here because they want you to learn . . ."
Stacy McKenzie, Sophomore, Physics and Astronomy

"I just can't imagine being anywhere else . . ."
Robin Chang, Junior, Philosophy

"SFSU really promotes understanding between people from different backgrounds."
Mira Guzijan, Third-year graduate student, Physiological Psychology

"I wanted to do more, say more, get into political and social critiques . . ."
Marie Drennan, First-year graduate student, Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts

"Why SFSU? Personal attention is what sold me."
Margaret Bourne, Second-year graduate student, Communicative Disorders

San Jose State University

Blake Balajadia, senior majoring in human resource management:
"Eighty to ninety percent of my professors have worked in Silicon Valley. They have real-life experience that they pass on to their students."

Devon Caroulis, business marketing major with a minor in journalism:
"When I was looking at colleges, I knew I was interested in journalism. Other California schools had good programs; SJSU's was phenomenal."

Sandra Robles, hospitality management major:
"There are so many job opportunities close to campus. For class, we walk to field trips at hotels, restaurants, and the San Jos� Convention and Visitors Bureau."

David Flores, electrical engineering major:
"My very first SJSU engineering class was challenging. It showed me a new way of thinking. I still use that knowledge in my classes today."

CSU San Marcos

"Excellent professors who motivate and encourage every student to take lessons learned in the classroom and apply it to the real world, plenty of stairs for daily excercise, and only 20 minutes from the beach. CSUSM gives you a true Southern California experience."
Seth Byrd, Business Administration 2014

"Thank you CSUSM for giving me the tools to succeed throughout college and after graduation."
Shadrach Vaugh, Business Administration 2014

Sonoma State University

They say that at Sonoma State you receive an education that will prepare you for your future. That you will be treated as an individual and not a number. And, that the faculty are truly interested in your success.

CSU Stanislaus

"I chose CSU Stanislaus for many reasons, but the most important reason was class size. My professors make every effort to be accessible and to give each student a level of personal attention unheard of at larger schools."
Meghan Kubo, Student.

"The University Honors Program makes for an outstanding environment in which to test oneself. From my initial coursework through the start of my Senior Research Project I have been challenged by fellow students and given the freedom and tools to achieve my goals by faculty. It is a very rewarding experience."
Dan Bratten, Student

"Challenge and opportunity are hallmarks of the Anthropology Department at CSU Stanislaus. Its internationally known and respected faculty bring both of these qualities and more to the discipline, which is providing me with the foundation for a successful and fulfilling career."
Sandell Davidson, Re-entry Student

"The administrators and professors on campus treat you like a real person with real needs. They sincerely want to help you through college with as few problems as possible."
Christina Lopes, Student

"I enjoy coming to Stanislaus because the faculty and staff here are great! The faculty (especially those involved in the Faculty Mentor Program) have freely given up their time to assist me in my academic studies. It has been through their help, support and encouragement that I have succeeded this far. Thanks FMP!"
Terry Lupian, Student

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