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Frequently Asked Questions - Student Life

What athletics and extracurricular activities are available at the campus?

What clubs are available?

What do students say about their experiences at CSU?

What is the undergraduate average class size?

Does the campus provide tutor programs or student success programs?

What are the housing options? (on- and off-campus, cost, roommate selection, tours)

Are students living in the residence halls free to go out on weekends? Are there any curfews?

Are the residence halls coed or separated by gender per floor?

Are residence halls wired to the campus computer network for Internet access?

What should I bring when I move into a residence hall?

  • Pack only your basic necessities.
  • Pack clothes according to the weather conditions of your choice of school.
  • Pack these bathroom items — warm bathrobe, slippers, flip-flops for the shower, shower caddy with holes for drainage.
  • Find out the size of linens you will need before you buy and then buy at least two sets. Take along a comforter, an extra blanket, and a comfortable, durable pillow.
  • Some appliances and furniture are available, so contact your assigned residence hall for what to bring.
  • Bring some school and desk supplies.
  • Check with the residence hall to find out if and when you should bring electronic equipment (computers, music players, etc.).

What is the weather like in < campus location/city >?

What does < campus location > or the surrounding areas have to offer? (cultural, historical, performing arts sites)

What modes of transportation are available in < campus city/town >?

What kind of employment is available on-campus or in the surrounding area?

Where can I obtain campus crime statistics?

Campus crime statistics can be obtained by going to the CSU Clery Compliance website.

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