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Other Programs and Services

Educational Equity Programs, Child Care Centers, Services to Students with Disabilities, Academic Services, Veterans Affairs, Troops to College, and the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) are among the programs that are available at most campuses.

Children's Centers
Childcare services are available for student parents at all campuses except California Maritime Academy and CSU Channel Islands. Contact the campus children's center for further information.

Re-entry Students
Most CSU campuses provide admission assistance, personal counseling, and academic and career advising for persons returning to college after a long absence. Contact the campus re-entry office or the admission office, or check the campus catalog for additional information about these services.

Career Services
CSU provides students and alumni with programs and advisement that help them define and achieve their career potential through a number of career services. Every year, an estimated 100,000 graduates earn a degree from the CSU. Your campus Career Center plays an essential role in facilitating your successful transition from college to career.

Foster Youth
Additional support services are available for current or former foster youth in the CSU. Programs such as Guardian Scholars, Renaissance Scholars, CME Society, Promise Scholars, ACE Scholars, CME Society and EOP assist current or former youth with admission, financial aid, housing, orientation, advisement, counseling, life skills, employment, and career planning to ensure their success from admission through graduation.

Campus Contacts:

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