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Student Support

Other Questions:

These questions can be answered either within the CSUMentor website or by contacting the campus. Click below for explanations and links.

How can I have catalogs and other academic materials mailed to me?

XAP Corporation manages the online CSUMentor website, but does not mail out brochures, class schedules, catalogs, transcripts, or other materials. There is, however, a wealth of information provided throughout the CSUMentor website. You can explore these options through the CSUMentor homepage. If you still require campus-related materials to be mailed to you, please make your request directly to the college or university admission office.

Major Fields of Study and Department Information

If you require more detailed information about a department or major, please contact the admission offices, or find more information using Explore Majors.

Other questions and how to reach Student Support.

Thank you for reading through our help sections.

If your question relates to any information that the university is asking for within its online application, whether you qualify under a certain category or anything else not directly related to the online process, please write to the campus admission office.

If you have technical questions regarding CSUMentor or online application error messages that have not been answered in this screen (above) or through the Student Support pages, contact us at CSUMentor Student Support.

Contact Information

If you encountered an error or technical problem...
Please provide your full name or username, your telephone number or e-mail address, any details you remember about what you were entering or clicking on when the problem occurred, and the heading/title or WWW address of the screen you were working on.

  • E-mail:
  • Call: 1-800-GO-TO-XAP (468-6927)or 424-750-3939

Click here to view extended student support hours.

If you have a question that is not a technical problem...
Please contact the campus admission office directly.

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